Living in a fish tank

We have decided to come back to Grand Cayman and the main reason is the sheer abundance of beautiful reefs, fish and the large doses of sunshine. Looking forward to sharing some of the beautiful environments and marine life we see from day to day. For daily updates check the Instagram page @reform42 and the facebook page SimonHigtonPhtography.


From NYE 2016-17 in the capitol city London which puts on an incredible show for the British public. We managed to gain access to the front of the crowd and had a front seat view of the show with the beautiful backdrop of the London eye.


We had the privilege of living in the Cayman Islands for a while. Our house was just down the road from an epic concrete skate park that was frequented by Tony Hawk no less. When I finally made it to the park I was quickly shown my age as the local crew were very far advanced from where I was. I ditched the board and had an endless amount of fun catching the shots of these young prodigy's.